No Time.

Well, the time has come, and I always knew it would, for me to realize I don't have the time to remember to blog regularly anymore. I recently started school and have been mixing albums for other bands, working full time, and trying to release an album with my internet band. That plus the fact that I take public transport everywhere, and add in Buster and my lovely wife, AND my friends, and it means... I just don't have the time to do this regularly!

I do want to say that I would hope that anyone out there getting into brewing would try to become closer and closer to their finished product as they become a better brewer. Don't brew with extract. Use public hop varieties. Malt and/or toast some of your own barley if you have the space, and build some cool brewing stuff.

And it isn't just about saving money (ALTHOUGH YOU WILL SAVE TONS), its about coming home after a hard day, pouring a brew, sitting on the porch and thinking...

Fuck yes. I made this, and that is awesome.

Brew on, my brethren. Im sure I will post on here a few times a year, and Im sure no one really read it... but I hope I helped someone in their beer brewing journey, and I hope to meet that person when we get to that big imperial pint glass in the sky!

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