The Great Post-Tour Bottling Extravaganza

I might sound like a whiner to people who consistently bottle 5 gallons of  beer, but I have to say, after the last few days I really don't want to bottle another batch of beer again. I filled up ALL of my jugs before I left, and when I came back all 6 were ready to hit the bottle. I went ahead and did it over a few days and ended up with this:

Life is gonna be great in a few weeks...

An army of beer! All of them with approximately the same... uh... due date. 35ish love children of water, hops and grain, all going to be ready right after Thanksgiving. Perfect timing, since I won't feel obligated to bring over a bunch to any sort of Thanksgiving get-together that I might be attending (sorry Joe).

They all taste awesome so far. The only downside to all of this is the one batch that is now lonely in the closet (ran out of bottles):
This will be my 2nd Mack And Jacks clone that I got a little experimental with. Used Maris Otter instead of American pale malt, and Windsor yeast instead of the Fermentis American ale yeast. I'm interested to see how this one tastes compared to the first clone. This one is noticeably darker, but that's all I can tell for now.

I don't think Ill have to worry about this little guy being alone for long... as I have 5 clean jugs now awaiting fresh brews!
One more thing I wanted to mention today... I have noticed quite a difference in taste between my pop-top bottles and my Grolsch swing-top bottles. It seems that the Grolsch bottles for some reason always have a distinctive taste that I don't get in my regular pop-tops. I am chilling one of each right now, and hopefully tonight Ill do a proper taste test so I can know for sure wtf is going on with that.


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