Murdered a keg today. Farewell, Chinook Black Ale, you were great to me. Tomorrow night I shall brew up a steam beer of sorts... basically going to use a lager yeast and ferment and room temperature. Should be a nice fruity summer beer! I can already taste it... even though at this rate I might not get a pint 'til summer is over!

In other news, I have been gone from the blog lately because my wife and I will be buying a house this summer and I started a band out here in Denver. Both are super exciting and time consuming, but with the house will come awesome new blog posts about me BUILDING MY BREWERY. Yes. Ill be pumping out beer 31 gallons at a time, after I get my brewer's license of course, and all of the craziness will be up here for you guys to see.

Its been a while since my last brew, hopefully I still have what it takes and tomorrow isn't a full blown nightmare.

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