So I was on the road AGAIN for about a month with my band A Billion Ernies. We had a great time, played some good shows and had some serious bro down time with our buddies in Caddywhompus and Greg and D Ray from Community Records. I miss them all dearly. The good news is that I GET TO BREW BEER AGAIN! Hurray!

The first day of tour was in SLC, where my parents live, and I brought two kegs of beer with me. Went through both of them in two nights. One had three gallons, the other had probably around two. So needless to say... tour got off to a great start. The only problem is it decimated my pipeline, so now I have three empty fermenters and only one full keg! I haven't been in this desperate of a beer situation for a long time. Time to get going on filling these bad boys back up.

Today Im brewing with my new pal Brandon, and we will be brewing an amber ale that started as a Mack n Jack's clone. This will be the 4th time Ive brewed it and the 4th variation on it, so now I think its safe to say that its my own recipe. Its a damn good beer, and every little tweak makes it a little bit better.

In other news, the guys from Thank Heaven For Beer are starting a real live actual brewery!!! They have a kickstarter up HERE that I would encourage everyone to donate to. They are going to be living the dream, and I know they are going to do amazing things. On a side note; if you're reading this, sorry it took so long for me to blog about it dudes! Tour is time consuming.

Thats it for now I think. I'm going to make a post in the next few days about my thoughts on the scourge of craft beer... BEER SNOBS. But for now, I'm out.



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