Have not been posting since I have been too busy for beer and blogging, since we have been getting settled into our new house. Queue hipster pictures!!!

Thats the front and back of the house. And you see that killer 15x15 shed in the back? Well...


So pumped about it. To celebrate, I did actually brew an imperial stout, which is sitting in my cellar as we speak. I now have an amazing to-do list, which I love. So many great projects in the near future, like:
  • Start malting and roasting all my own grains
  • Get the shed into working condition... concrete, finish walls, etc.
  • Start a garden!!!
  • Build shelves and awnings and stuff!
It goes on and on forever. Owning a house is fantastic... Buster has more room to run around, Amanda has more room to work and get her business going, I have more brew/music/smoking room. And as an added bonus, we have great neighbors.

So, expect lots of build blogs in the next few weeks here. Kegerator is up next, along with a fermentation chamber. 

Cant. Friggin. Wait.

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