Busy day. Barley is fully modified, so I finally got to use my new contraption that I built a week or so ago!

When I malted my wheat, I realized how much I hated moving the grain a million times during the whole malting/kilning process. Now I just plop this bad boy on top of my malting floor, and voila! A malting floor/kiln. Frick ya,.

It works *great*. Its been literally holding 104 degrees all day. Perfect!

I also made roasted barley
and what ended up being light, medium and medium/dark crystal.

The light is still in the oven drying a bit more.

Tomorrow I will cure some pale malt hopefully and make some other toasted malts. I love this! When I first did the wheat, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. But after using this GREAT barley from Colorado Malting, I have made a complete 180. I am starting to fall really feel as attached to this as I am to brewing... I HAVE TOTAL CONTROL. I AM THE MASTER OF ALL MY BEERS.


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