So in case anyone doesn't know, I'm a Roadie. I've been on the road for the last couple weeks, and due the that and getting ready I haven't been blogging.

Then I found out there is a blogger AP for Android! Hurray! I'm writing this from Syracuse, three days from the end of this particular tour... and I can't wait to get home. As much fun as I'm having this go around, I have 6 beers that have been going from 2-6 weeks, and I can't WAIT to keg them and get to drinking homebrew again. As soon as I get back ill be kegging the first three batches i made with home malted barley (which are currently cold crashing thanks to my lovely wife!), and the anticipation is KILLING ME.

Its funny how my passions have changed in the last year. Usually, I would gladly take any opportunity to hit the open road. But lately, I have been much more interested in getting back to settling down to a more normal lifestyle. It's so hard being a way from my wife, Buster and my beers, and as much as I love traveling,  I look forward to the day that I don't have to go away anymore.

Tasting notes this weekend! BREW BREW BREW!

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