First, here is a reason why God really is good. MY BUSTER MAN!
Too cute.

Second, here is the beautiful grossness that makes beer the wonderful thing that it is. Back in the day, when no one knew how beer fermented and turned into a foamy, bubbling brew, it was called Godisgood. Nowadays, we just call it yeast, and here is my latest harvest of Nottingham.
Almost a full pint! I could have filled the thing up, but the other jar where the good yeast was separating form the trub still had some junk on the bottom that I didn't want, so I just dumped it out along with about an inches worth of yeast. No prob, this jar alone is probably enough for 3 batches, and each of those batches can be re-harvested more than 10 times before the yeast starts to mutate and I have to buy another packet!

I did this last night in a hurry and didn't have time to take pictures and blog about it, but Ill be kegging a tripel this week so Ill do a step by step then.

Happy Valentine's day!

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