Recently I was thinking about my buddy Kenny and an idea he had. He was talking about how there basically is no good non-alcoholic beer, and he was right... the choice is pretty much  O'Doul's, and even if you find another kind it will definitely just be a bad lager. I was in the mood to experiment, so I grabbed the gallon of winter warmer I had in the fridge and decided to give it a go.

From my research I found that its a pretty simple process (in theory) to remove the alcohol from beer... you boil it. Alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water (~165 I think) so all you really do is heat up the beer, and when the temperature starts to rise up to 170-180, you know the alcohol is gone. Long story short, thats exactly what I did!
After the alcohol was gone, the temperature shot up VERY fast. I had a boil over. Behold the aftermath.

Before I started my brain kind of told me that I should add some hops at the end, which I did. Huge mistake. I didn't consider that the hops would not be boiling, so I pretty much just made hop tea in beer. It tasted terrible.
And even though it tasted bad, I choked down 2 pints without the slightest hint of a buzz, so... SUCCESS! Im gonna try this again sometime, and next time I won't add the extra hops.

I think it would be cool when I start my brewery to have a good non-alcoholic beer. Its a whole group of people that:

A. Cant for one reason or another enjoy alcohol

And the sad thing is, they have no access to the awesomeness that is craft beers! Yes, I think this will work, I just have to, you know, get good at it first.


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