Having a full pipeline all the time makes for scarce homebrewing adventures, but Im not really complaining. Its nice not to have to worry about brewing every couple o days, to be honest. And by the time I blow a keg and its time to brew again, I already know exactly what I want to brew! Good times.

In other news, I went to REVOLUTION BREWING! Some friends and rented a cabin and made the 5 hour trek out to Paonia. We spent the weekend eating, smoking, and drinking beers from Revolution. It was a great time.

One thing I really liked about their beer was that it honestly tasted like really good home brew. The beers were not crystal clear, with the exception of their pilsner. Sitting in the modest backyard area, drinking their good brew, eating free peanuts... gave me the best vibe. Such a great place. I wish it was down the street from my house, I would be there every night. O, and their pints are priced very nicely... 3.50 a pop. I can't even get a Pabst for that cheap in some bars.

Im hoping to make another visit this weekend, my buddy Andrew is there for work, and frick, any reason to go to Revolution is a good reason!



  1. nate says:

    that's cool, I've wanted to try Revolution's beers. I like Bell's for that very reason...their brews are kind of homebrew-ish.

    I'd brew every day if I could. the list of beers I have down the pipeline are immense.

    Bryan says:

    Nice man. If you're ever in Colorado, make the trip! I would be glad to come with ;)

    I feel ya on recipe waiting list. When I buy a house... I hope to double my pipeline, so long as I can find enough people to come over and drink it with me!

    Bryan says:

    What do you plan on brewing next, if you don't mind me asking?

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