So today I spent a good 3 hours fine tuning my itemization spread sheet for the cost for my brewery and the keg/tap system that I will be using in the actual tasting room. The grand total?


Not too bad, especially considering that I ditched my super punk rock brewery set up and decided to actually go with nice brewing equipment built by the dudes over at Stout Tanks and Kettles. Their prices are awesome, especially when you see all of the gadgets and gizmos built into all their pieces. I will still be fermenting in giant plastic barrels that I will stick into refrigerators so... PUNX POINTS FOR ME!

I'm pretty pumped about this. I know that there are still things I need to account for (decoration, furnishing, building an actual bar), and I still haven't considered the costs of licenses and such, but damn, it feels good to be able to slap a price on the vast majority of the stuff I need to buy.

2 Response to "THE GRAND TOTAL"

  1. Anonymous says:

    are you looking at the 2bbl setup? I know the brewmation setup for the 2 is about $3300 (heat elements, control panel, etc..) Stout's equipment is such a good value. Good choice.

    Bryan says:

    Thanks! Looking at 1bbl, just the HLT, MT, and BK from Stout. Psyched. Could have it up and running as soon as October.

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