Great day today... besides me being sick. I was a busy boy. Got taxes done with the ol' ball n chain, and then hit up the homebrew shop for my first brew day in a couple weeks! I was going to do my tried and true hefeweizen, but I decided to take that recipe to turn it into more of a witbeer. No fancy spices, just good old hops, water, and barley... the way the Germans like it.

I also kegged my tripel, which tastes great! Harvested the yeast from that beast as well, like a pro. I get better at it all the time. Looking forward to that one being carbed up. Hopefully its good enough for everyone going up to Paonia with me next week, I guess we will know if the keg comes back empty!

Im liking this whole "full pipeline" thing. It makes days like these that much more relaxing and enjoyable. Hopefully when I move to a bigger place, I keep the same process... but I have a feeling that I will be buying a few more kegs and carboys if that ever happens. O well, MORE BEER IS GOOD BEER

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