Busy Day for Brewing!

Today I went to the brew store (Stomp Them Grapes in Denver), and after an HOUR AND A HALF I finally left with two fresh bags of grain, a Mac And Jack's African Amber clone and a dunkelweisen. I made the clone today...

Hope in a bottle.
...hopefully after all that mashing and sparging and boiling and hopping and funneling and yeasting and shaking, it will somewhat resemble the awesome beer I can only get when I visit my bro in Seattle.

After I finished that up, I went ahead and bottled my last cider. Its pretty tasty, but honestly I would have rather made another beer.

Tomorrow its the dunkelweisen's turn.
Those grains don't even know what they are in for...
I had never heard of this style of beer before, and I am pretty pumped on it. Its basically a dark wheat beer. Never had one before... but I love experimenting!

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