opposite day

It must be opposite day today. This morning I woke to an IPA that is on the verge of exploding because of all the bad ass fermentage that's going on, and an oatmeal stout that might be stuck at 1.040. Usually you don't want to bottle a brew until the gravity has gone under 1.020; if you bottle before, there is the chance that the yeasts will get a second wind in the bottle and your bottles could explode. Anyways, Im a little bit depressed about it.

Queue Charlie Brown sad music...
I need to do some more research to see how I can salvage this! Honestly, most fermentation "issues" on beer forums are responded to by "wait a week," or something to this effect. Hopefully this is the case for me. Anyway, it tastes great ;)

Here's some pictures of the IPA. Amanda woke me up to tell me that "something happened" to my beer. The airlock got clogged with gunk, and since no CO2 could escape, it actually exploded off the top of the bottle!
So I installed a blow off tube, which is basically a plastic tube with one end in my primary and the other in a cup of water/sanitizer. That way, all the crap can get out easily without turning my airlock into a bottle rocket and making a huge mess all over my jug. Again.
Hella fermentage
Anyway, hurray for brewing and hurray for learning stuff! My mom is visiting and we finished all my homebrew last night... so hopefully I can bottle a few of these soon to drink after I get home from tour.


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