Yo. I'm assuming anyone that is reading this already knows me personally. This blog is for you! Or us... whatever way you want to look at it. I want to share my ideas and experiences with brewing beer in my tiny Denver apartment. I also want to help you brew beer in your tiny apartment. AND I want us all to learn from each other to make AWESOME beer in our tiny apartments.

Hopefully this can one day be a place for us to share recipes, and tips/secrets about how we brew our ridiculously great beer. This should also serve as a collective middle finger to the big brewing companies that want to sell us terrible, over priced beer and say that we can't do better ourselves.

So that's my intro post. Im gonna copy and paste my how-to Google doc to this blog.


1 Response to "WELCOME TO MY BLAWG!"

  1. ryan says:

    bookmarked. this is awesome.

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