Here's a list of all the crap you need to brew all grain batches of BEER! A lot of people say you should start with extract brewing. Extract brewing basically takes out the first and most difficult part of the brewing process... this step, called mashing, is really where you will learn the most about how beer works, is the most creative, and in my opinion, is the most fun.

So I just said screw it and jumped into all grain, and I think you guys should too. The first two batches I made are OK and the four I brewed after that are freaking awesome!

Im gonna divide the list of shiz you need into 2 groups. The first is stuff you need to actually brew and get it into the primary fermenter for the first 1-2 weeks, the rest is stuff you need afterward to put it into a bottle. That way you guys don't have to go drop a bunch of money on stuff you wont even use for a few weeks.
  1. A big boiling pot. Mine holds 3 gallons, I would suggest that. 15 bucks.
Big boil pot... for boiling mashing and boiling wort.
  1. Sanitizer. Super important. You can use bleach, but I suggest getting a no rinse sanitizer called Star San. You can get it at any brew store, and it will last you forever.
  2. 1 gallon carboy. You can get cider at Trader Joe's that come in 1 gallon glass jugs for 7 bucks... throw half a packet of ale yeast in and make cider, OR you can buy the jug by itself for 4 bucks at most brew shops.
1 gallon jug! For the beer!
  1. Strainer. You can get a big wire mesh strainer for like 30 bucks, or a small wire one for 8-10. I got the small one for the last stage of putting the wort (beer) into the fermenter, and I just use our regular big pasta strainer for sparging (straining the grains from the wort).
Regular pasta strainer, for lautering/sparging.
Fine mesh strainer, for straining/aerating wort before dumping it into primary.
  1. Spray bottle for sanitizer. Most convenient thing ever. (No picture, just a small spray bottle)
  2. Funnel. For pouring the beer into the jug.
Funnel. For pouring beer into your primary fermenter.
  1. Thermometer. When you mash, you have to monitor the temperature so it stays in a certain range (144-154 degrees). You can also use the kind that float.
Thermometer. For measuring the temperature of stuff.
  1. Regular size boiling pot, 2 if you have em. They have to hold at least 1.25 gallons of liquid. You will need one to heat water while you are mashing, and another pot to make sparging easier. This will make a lot more sense later.
  2. Air lock and rubber stopper. 2 bucks total at a brew store.
Rubber stopper, for fitting the airlock onto the jug.
Airlock. CO2 can escape, but bacteria can't get in!

One more thing. Get a digital scale if you can... I know you potheads might already own one. I really need to score one for measuring hops, when I make gallon batches the amount always comes out to like .2 or .3 ounces, so I usually end up guessing.

That's it for stuff you need. Next up, your first recipe, how and where to get it, and brewing your first batch of beer!


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