Great day! Bottled 2 new beers!

Today we made a trip out to Boulder with my mom for a hike, and on the way we stopped at the LHBS and bought...

New Grolsch gaskets!!! Hurray! Actually seeing brand new ones in person really made me feel like a dumb ass for putting any beer in the bottles with the old gaskets. Check em out side by side, see if you can guess which is which.

Yes, I'm a tard.

After I got done replacing all the worn out gaskets I went ahead and bottled two beers; my 2nd hefeweizen (%6.29 ABV) and my first oatmeal stout (6.00% ABV). Both are a little stronger than their respective traditional styles, but they both taste awesome, and in the process I took a ton of pictures for an instructional post on bottling. I should have it up sometime soon.

Well I have to go now. I just spilled Corona on my jeans and have to change my pants.

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